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How to cope with job rejection

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23 Jun 2016
It is never easy receiving a job rejection and everyone deals with it differently, but it’s always best to try and keep your head high, don’t let it dent your confidence and don’t give up seeking a new challenge. Always think of the big picture and try not to see it as a sign of failure and blow it out of proportion.

Some individuals do take it personally and invariably go on the defensive path, in certain circumstances wanting to have the last word and will take the most inexplicable (and unsuggested) action of responding to the employer that rejected them directly in the most unusual and unprofessional manner.

Think objectively and use it to your advantage by listening to the constructive feedback and addressing the negative aspects along with building on your strengths. Even if you were rejected but feel that you had displayed all your relevant technical knowledge, demonstrated your competencies and communicated in an engaging manner then view it as the role and business was not the right opportunity for you.

You have to keep everything in perspective and understand that at present the market is filled with an abundant amount of very strong candidates. Your competition is as good as you are so you need to upped your game, focus on your strengths and try to parachute yourself above the others by differentiating yourself.

Another potential factor to look at is whether you are spreading yourself too thinly by involving yourself in all opportunities. Be more selective with the roles you interview for so that you can spend more quality time on researching, preparing and even carrying out mock interviews which will only enhance your chances on securing the offer.

In conclusion, always think positively and keep your mind focused on moving forward and exploring other opportunities. Continue to present yourself to the best of your ability and you will inevitably find the right opportunity for yourself.
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