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In the beginning there was Jo Sellick and Peter Tootell...

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15 Dec 2011

I am going to tell the story of how it all started for Sellick Partnership… are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I will begin…

We had our 'Central Services' Christmas lunch last week at the vibrant Manchester city centre Italian restaurant San Carlo. The team consists of our Financial Controller, Payroll Manager, Accountant, Credit Controller, two Receptionists, the Group Director Peter Tootell, and myself.

At this lunch, Peter Tootell told us an interesting story about how he first met Jo Sellick, which kept us gripped to our seats. I think this story is definitely worth sharing with the outside world.

Peter told us the story of his involvement in Sellick Partnership; how it all began and how his relationship with Jo started over fifteen years ago. Prior to working for Sellick Partnership, Peter held a senior position at the bank for many years. He went on to run his own businesses, which included owning and running hotels. Following his successful and lucrative career, Peter decided to take early retirement. He sold his businesses and looked forward to a long and happy retirement in Spain. However, after several months, Peter was bored and realised retirement wasn't for him quite yet.  So, he got back on a plane and returned home to the UK. 

OK, he thought, I'd better get myself a job. He didn't care at this stage what role he did, he just knew he wanted to get back into work, to start using his brain again and utilise his previous skills and experience. He decided to contact a few financial recruitment agencies to look for work; after all, finance and banking was his background. However, nothing came through. Peter registered with a few other agencies and still, nothing came through. By this point he was getting disheartened about not being able to find any work, he wanted just something, anything, to keep him active.

Just when he was about to give up hope of coming out of retirement, he came across a financial recruitment agency where Jo Sellick was a Manager at that time. Peter explained to Jo his situation and frustrations, and how difficult he was finding it to get any work. He was prepared to do anything, Peter explained, he just wanted to get back into work! Guess what, as ever, Jo found Peter a job! Peter was happy and he worked for Jo for a while.

Peter went on to work for Huddersfield University helping other people set up in business, which coincided with what he used to do in the days of working at the bank. Life went on, and Jo kept in touch with Peter to see how things were going. Peter carried out a number of small jobs here and there for Jo. 

One day Jo rang Peter and asked him, "Can we meet up, there's something I would like to ask you?” At that meeting, Jo explained that he would like to start up his own recruitment business. Would Peter help him with the necessary details involved? Sure enough, within months of that meeting and with Peter's help and advice, the first office of Sellick Partnership was opened in Manchester City Centre. At the time Peter was only involved for half a day a week - Jo couldn't afford him for any more hours in those days!  

Another crucial member of the Sellick Partnership team in the early days who Peter mentioned whilst telling his story, was his dear belated colleague and partner in crime, Geoff Crichton, Finance Director. Unfortunately we lost Geoff to Cancer in 2008.

Well, here we all are ten years later, about to celebrate Sellick Partnership's Ten Year Anniversary on the 1st January 2012. We've opened five successful offices to date, with our new Liverpool office opening in 2012, Peter has progressed to become a crucial cog in the huge business wheel at Sellick Partnership.

In my book, Peter is the 'wise old owl' who sits on our third floor in Manchester with Central Services. He keeps everything and everyone in order and things running smoothly! 

Peter won't mind me saying this - dear Peter has worked past his retirement, but I think working for Sellick Partnership has kept him on his toes and kept him young at heart!

It goes to show how important building long-term relationships are with your candidates, clients and colleagues. You just never know when you might meet up again and be able help each other out!


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