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Job Action Day 2015

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02 Nov 2015
Did you know today marks the annual Job Action Day? This is a day that is meant to empower workers and jobseekers. It allows you a day to assess your career, make plans and action next steps.Whether you are looking for your next challenge or are currently working, this day could be a fantastic opportunity to boost your workplace satisfaction.

See below for my top tips to make the most out of Job Action Day: 

1. Think about your happiness - are you happy at work? 

If yes, fantastic! You need to make sure you can maintain that level of work satisfaction. If you are thinking things could improve then really think about your ultimate career goals. Here at Sellick Partnership we have PDPs (Personal Development Plans). These break down our 'dreamtime' career aspirations into manageable chunks and goals. This ensures we can work towards the things we want and ultimately be happy in work! 

Why not consider meeting with your manager to discuss your next steps? If, however, you think things need to dramatically change maybe it's time to move on… 

2. Think about making a change

Sometimes you realise your current situation isn't working out. Maybe the job didn't materialise like you thought it would, or maybe you're struggling to find your perfect role. Job Action Day is the best time to consider what you really want. Perhaps it's a promotion? Perhaps it's taking on management responsibilities? Perhaps it's taking advantage of working flexibly and becoming a locum? You need to work out what is best for you !

3. Be brave 

It can be scary to even think about changing jobs (whether that is internally or externally) but ultimately, it can change your life for the better. We spend a lot of time at work and being unhappy can be awful.

If the thought of writing a CV or asking for a promotion terrifies you - look back at that PDP and consider smaller manageable goals to build up your confidence. Whatever you decide to do, your career is individual and personal. Make sure you take today, Monday 2nd November to make the most out of Job Action Day!

If you do need a change, or want extra tips on making the most out of your career, call me for a confidential chat on 0113 243 9775.
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