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Leading by example; a values-driven business

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20 Nov 2015
With over 135,000 recruitment professionals across the UK and 1,400 new recruitment businesses opening across the country in the last year alone, it's safe to say that the industry isn't short of agencies claiming to be 'the best' - but when it comes to hiring, which agency should you choose?

Now I'm not about to preach about how amazing Sellick Partnership are (we are!!) or how you should use us above all other agencies in the market (you should!!). Instead I think it's important to convey our vision as an organisation, to allow prospective clients to understand who they're dealing with, in turn allowing them to make the best decision for them.

I could sit here and tell you when we were established, what our turnover is and what our plans are moving forward however, important as these details may be, they're not half as important as the people that you're dealing with when you call Sellick Partnership. We're a boutique recruitment agency specialising in three key areas, Finance, Legal and Procurement - call us about a role outside of this remit and we won't promise you 'the moon on a stick' by delivering something we know nothing about, instead, we'll kindly decline and point you in the direction of another agency who can help. We stick to what we know and we're very good at it!!

Sellick Partnership is a values-led organisation. When it comes to the hiring of staff lucky enough to join Sellick Partnership, we look for those with the same vision and attitude as us. Our Vision is to 'shine the light on the future of our people'. We develop and invest our time in each other, candidates, clients and all external stakeholders in a caring, personable and professional manner and collectively Sellick Partnership place the utmost importance on our best asset - that is, the people who work for us. Only people who are aligned to this vision will succeed in the organisation so you can be sure that when you call Sellick Partnership you will be speaking to someone who knows the market inside and out and who can advise you in the best possible way.

As well as our Vision, Sellick Partnership have a mission of being purpose-driven, performance-orientated and principles-led. We at Sellick Partnership never claim to be the biggest recruitment business (far from it) - but what does shine through is that we are the best at what we do. If you require staff for your organisation with a finance, legal or procurement background whether that be from a public or commercial background, you will be hard pushed to find recruiters as dedicated and driven as those who work for Sellick Partnership.

This blog comes on the back of a recent training course delivered by one of the directors within the organisation, we work together every day but it's very easy to sometimes forget about the reasons behind the success of an organisation as were all usually so busy doing our jobs without even thinking about the reasons behind why we've been selected to do the job we do - he reminded us all the reasons behind our success and it stems back to the people that we our and our own abilities to lead by example in line with the company vision and mission.

I'm under no illusion that everyone will read this blog and switch allegiance from existing suppliers, but hopefully it will give a strong insight into Sellick Partnership's people and in turn our working methods. It is a combination of the values, commitment, drive and overall care of our individual consultants that make us the successful recruitment organisation that we are and in a time when agencies are coming under significant scrutiny it's vital that we outshine the rest.

If you would like to have a conversation about how Sellick Partnership can help with your resourcing needs, please feel free to call me on 0161 834 1642, or email
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