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Manging your time when it gets busy

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19 Jan 2016
The opening of the new year can see us dashing around with lots to do both in and out of work and things can get rather hectic! This got me thinking how people manage when they get busy and how we get all those things done that we need to do and within the required deadlines. During busy times we can sometimes feel a little frazzled and at times like these having a good plan in place can really help.

One of the first things I always do is to write a list of everything that I need to do. Writing things down will ensure that you don’t forget to do anything, unless of course you forget to put it on the list in the first place! Once you have your list you can then work your way through it and prioritise what you need to do first and so on. You should ensure that you note the deadline against each item on your list so you know what you’re working with and the timescales you have to work with.

If you feel your list is totally overwhelming you, go back and evaluate what you absolutely have to do that day. Focus on what is urgent and what it is that you need to achieve and then think about what could be carried over to another day if needed. Be careful though to ensure that what was a lower priority on your list then doesn’t become a top priority because you have continued to push it to the bottom of your list.

Using a planner and working how much time each thing on your list should take you to do can also help. Breaking your day down into chunks of time is also beneficial as you can then plot your tasks into designated time frames. Of course there may be some tasks that can end up taking longer than you thought and equally others that didn’t take as long so you are sure to find the right balance.

It is important to review your workload/task list regularly. Think about what you have achieved so far as this will help keep the momentum going. If there is something that is constantly being carried over or you are really struggling to get something done, ask for help. You could even ask someone to review your list for you and why not see if you can delegate a task elsewhere or simply take the time to complete it and then you can tick it off your list.

Multi-tasking can be beneficial but be careful to ensure that you complete each task fully rather than starting something but not finishing it. However long or short your list may be, ensure that you control it, don’t let it control you. Make sure you have some “time out”, do something that focuses your attention elsewhere for a time as then when you return to your list you will feel re-energised and ready to go again.

Having an effective workable plan in place will increase your productivity, ensure you get done what you need to and also give you a great sense of achievement when you complete it.

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