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Mental health awareness

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22 Aug 2017
Sellick Partnership specialise in providing recruitment solutions to organisations within social housing. A large number of these organisations support individuals who suffer from mental health difficulties. The services they provide helps to empower individuals who are living with mental health difficulties and raise awareness of an issue that affects so many people.

One in four of us will suffer from a mental health issue at some point in our lives. A staggering figure, especially as it is still treated by some people as a taboo subject. Mental health issues can present themselves in various ways including depression, anxiety, personality disorders and obsessive and compulsive disorders. There are many factors that can affect mental wellbeing which can include psychological and emotional factors as well as genetic and biological ones, and they can present themselves at any point in our lives.

The stigma attached to mental health has been well documented in the news with a number of high profile individuals coming forward to vocalise their own battles with mental health demons – a great way to help others realise they are not alone. Speaking about mental health and changing the perception currently associated with it is the only way we can help reduce the stigma associated with it. 
Many people’s problems are worsened by the stigma associated with mental health. Sufferers are worried about being classed as “unstable”, unpredictable” or “weak” and often keep their issues hidden and suffer in silence. This can even delay or impede those getting help and receiving the treatment they need. 

How do we change this? 

There are a number of charitable organisations across the country that provide specialised support to those suffering with a mental health issue. They are working hard to drive out the stigma associated with these illnesses and educate the community that they should be treated just as seriously as any physical illness. 

One charity currently creating awareness is Heads Together which is backed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Alongside other well-known celebrities, they are encouraging more people to discuss their mental health struggles. They believe that by starting basic conversations about how mental health effects your life it will help to overcome them and encourage more people to get the help they need.    
Being educated on the issue is also very important; know the facts. Find opportunities to pass on facts and positive attitudes about people with mental health problems. Stereotypes and incorrect information can have a huge impact on someone’s confidence to seek help.

Increasing the opportunity for learning about mental health in schools would also have a positive impact. Currently it isn’t compulsory to provide mental health education as part of the curriculum within the UK. Many people with mental health issues start suffering during childhood and at such vulnerable time in their lives are too afraid to talk about it due to fear of being ridiculed and also down to a lack of understanding about what they are going through .
People with mental health difficulties have the right to take an equal part in society without the fear of ridicule or negativity. By continuing to increasing awareness of this important issue it will slowly change perceptions and give suffers the confidence to speak out and receive the support they need.

I am proud to work alongside a number of organisations that are passionate about enriching the lives of vulnerable people and work tirelessly and selflessly to continually make a difference.

If you have any additional thoughts on mental health, or if you would like to hear more about the work we do with social housing organisations you can contact me by emailing or call me on 01332 542580. Contact us 
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