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12 Apr 2016
Even in the world of technology and the networking avenues available online, face-to-face networking is a crucial part of 21st century working life. Just because you speak to someone on the phone does not mean you know them, personality and profile can be surprising when you actually meet people. Personally I’ve been very surprised how my presumption of a person has not mirrored their true form in person. So what are the things you should consider when attending your next networking event?

Work the room

There is a tendency to feel exposed and stay close to your colleagues, but remember you can cover twice as many people if you split up and maximise the conversations you are having. Remember to change your approach to each person because each attendant will have different needs and interests, also try not to make it all about work. You want be professional, credible and memorable for the right reasons.

Remain Professional

If it’s a free bar or you have a company budget to spend, it can be easy to make the most of the situation. However, you don’t want to be the butt of scandalous references or to be remembered for the one who was embarrassingly drunk. You are not just representing just your personal brand but also your company's.

Think about your body language. It can be a long day when you’re at a conference then subsequent dinner but if you slouch you’ll look tired or uninterested, even if you aren’t. Be conscious of how your body language is portraying your mood. For anyone not involved in the conversation who may be glancing the room, if you’re engaged in talking you will portray that what you have to say is interesting and worth listening to or that you are interested in the other person. People will make these conclusions about you subconsciously and consciously so the point is, be aware of yourself and be as professional yet approachable as possible.

Follow Up

Remember after every networking events to follow up with the contacts you have made. It's far too easy once an event is over to pat yourself on the back, but to be truly memorable, you need to follow up with the contacts you have collected and the power of online networking is much easier if you have met the people already.  Remember to say how nice it was to chat with them, and that you look forward to working together in the future.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue in networking, don’t expect to have quick results, relationship building takes time. Over time you can build trust and presence in your market or specialism, being a prominent feature will build confidence in your abilities to do your job well. There is fine line between being pushy and being eager. But when you do strike the correct balance, it will be so much easier to pick up the phone to that person, and the conversation will be that much simpler than if you hadn’t made any effort in the first place.
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