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Newly Qualified Solicitors - get in touch!

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26 Sep 2016
This time of year sees an enormous influx of newly qualified candidates registering with Sellick Partnership, applying for their first role as qualified solicitor. Becoming a qualified solicitor is a tremendous achievement, however in local government, organisations are often unable to offer qualified solicitor roles due to budget and structure constraints. Whilst this may seem unsettling, this does not mean finding a qualified solicitor role within local government in unachievable. In fact, Sellick Partnership have a high success rate in placing newly qualified solicitors into their next role, usually their first, in the locum world! 

Newly qualified solicitors are extremely attractive to our clients for a number of reasons. One such reason is that during a training contract the trainee is exposed to several different areas of law, and is therefore able to pick up more than one area of work. As budgets are continually being cut within the public sector, it is advantageous to our clients if a locum solicitor is skilled in more than one specialism. 

Not only this, if you are a newly qualified solicitor from a private practice or an in-house background, there is still plenty of opportunity for you within the public sector. My advice to those who have qualified from practice, who wish enter local government would be to be open-minded and be keen to get a foot in the door. A way to do this (although it may seem like a regression) is to take a paralegal role within a public sector organisation. This shows determination, a keenness to learn, and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get a foot in the door within the public sector. We see this happen on a regular basis, and one to two years down the line those newly qualified Solicitors who had taken a step back in order to progress have done just that, and are now working as solicitors in their chosen organisation. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid of locuming! There are so many benefits to being a professional locum such as flexible working hours, getting to experience different organisations and working environments, and picking up different areas of work. Not only this, but locums are well remunerated, which is often a motivating factor! 

Are you about to qualify as a solicitor without having a post-qualification role secured? If so, we would love to hear from you and assist with your job search. Call 0161 834 1642, or check out our latest roles. Browse roles 
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