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Part 3 – Should we stay or should we go?

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21 Jun 2016
It is now less than a week away from the biggest vote of the year with many still undecided as to whether to leave or remain in the European Union. Throughout my last two article, I’ve attempted to highlight the arguments of staying in or leaving the EU. What I can’t understate is the importance of the upcoming referendum and the impact it will have on the British people for years to come.

Having spoken to multiple friends, colleagues and business contacts I feel that the British people should categorically vote to stay in the EU. Britain has been through one of the toughest decades in its history and is just coming out of one of the longest and deepest recessions that we’ve ever experienced. Is it really worth putting all the positive work that the British government and people have actioned into jeopardy for what in essence is a leap into the unknown!

I have also spoken to multiple finance directors since news of the referendum became public it has become clear that any business who has direct dealings with Europe will be strongly against the exit. British businesses, especially those based in the financial services sector, would see an instant reduction in revenue as we’d no longer be a part of EU Internal Market legislation. The question that we need to ask ourselves is: can we really take the risk of exiting the EU when our economy is in its current fragile state? A further example of a sector that’d be hit if we were to exit the EU would be the manufacturing sector. Large international businesses with plants based out of Britain would potentially relocate their British bases to lower cost EU countries which still had all the benefits of being part of Europe.

The British people need to be aware that as the date of the referendum draws closer there will be further propaganda and scare-mongering created by the press. There can be no doubt that the EU has many faults, it is overly bureaucratic and immensely costly to be a part of but it does bring significant benefits to Britain. The trade links that it gives us, the access to workforce happy to work at the minimum wage and the ability to be a part of a genuine superpower. Should all of this be dismissed?

Notable and persuasive figures such as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson will be highlighting all of the negative features of the EU as we draw closer to the big date. The British people need to do their research, consider the bigger picture and not be swayed by these highly persuasive figures. This is potentially one of the biggest political decisions that we’re likely to make in our lifetime. The British people need to educate themselves and hopefully we will make the right decision and choose to stay in the EU.

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