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Quality vs quantity: competition in recruitment

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12 Apr 2017
qualityIn the few years that I have been working in the recruitment industry, I have found that some agencies are stooping lower and lower, attempting to undercut each other to win business. These kind of agencies often use ‘dirty tricks’ to actively compete in the marketplace and win a high volume of contracts with clients. With high numbers of vacancies, these types of agency must be good, right? 

When an agency is working at a rate as low as eight percent you need to consider what you are getting for that price.  Are you getting a bargain that you would potentially get from your favourite designer in their spring sale? Or are you actually getting a knock off which may have seemed high quality when you first purchased it, but you are now starting to notice the cracks which has left you out of pocket?

Over the past few weeks I have been making my presence known in the North East market and have spoken to a number of businesses about their use of agencies to assist in their recruitment process. When asked if they had received a high quality service for what they had paid, many clients responded by saying “the first placed candidate was satisfactory, but the level and quality of service went downhill from there”.  

Businesses are now coming to realise that what you pay for is what you get; sometimes it is worth paying that little bit extra to ensure you are not compromising on quality and saving money in the long-term. In my meetings with clients, they share their experiences of previous agencies they have worked with. In the past they have often had to the ‘back fill’ the role because a candidate has left the post or has been unsuitable. Clients have also noted instances in which agencies would deprioritise their role to work on a different job with a different company as a bigger fee was more important to them.

At Sellick Partnership we pride ourselves on our honest and open approach. We endeavour to offer each and every client the same, offering a bespoke service tailored to our clients’ needs. Yes, we may not be the cheapest in the market, but we are specialists in our field, ensuring we fully understand our clients’ needs and culture to find a suitable candidate.  

If you require assistance with you recruitment strategy without compromising on quality, please get in touch by emailing or call 0191 261 8585. Contact Us 

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