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Reflecting on 10 years at Sellick Partnership

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05 Sep 2016

This past month I celebrated 10 years of working at Sellick Partnership, and I thought I would take the time to reflect back on the past decade, along with its ups and downs and personal milestones. 
In 2006 I joined the business as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, fresh from travelling the world. I rocked up to our Manchester office on my first day, all smiles and outward displays of confidence, but if I’m honest, I did not really know what to expect. 

Whilst I had worked throughout university and post-graduation, I suppose I thought of my role at Sellick Partnership as the start of my “proper career”. I had a background in sales, and I was confident that I could get up to speed quickly. However I was a little nervous about the horror stories of working in recruitment – the long hours, the punishing targets and ultra-competitive environment. I was a little daunted but I could not have been more wrong. 

I quickly progressed in the business, initially building our interim offering within the public sector. Our team went from strength0-to-strength. We grew rapidly, doubling in both employees and turnover within my first few years and I was offered the opportunity to lead our new Private Practice Division, a new opening across the Pennines in Leeds. I was still only 25 years old at this point. 

Seven years on and our division has continued to grow. I now manage teams of both permanent and interim consultants working from the Leeds office and we offer nationwide coverage to our clients and candidates. I am one of three Associate Directors, and have responsibility across the business as a whole, rather than just Leeds. The work I do with our consultants, leading, mentoring and guiding people to progress and develop themselves and their own career, inspires me. I love my job!

I often get asked by colleagues, peers and clients what tips I would give for a recruiter starting out in the business, and it is such a difficult question to answer. Recruitment is an ever changing industry, and no two days are the same. But the best advice I could give to anyone starting their career in recruitment is be yourself. This business is all about personality and standing out from the crowd. The ability to build lasting relationships cannot be taught and all successful recruiters instinctively have it.

My 10 year milestone came up on LinkedIn and I was genuinely touched by how many current and past clients, candidates and colleagues took the time to write to me and congratulate me on reaching this achievement. In an age where millennials typically move firms every two to three years, I suppose it is an achievement, albeit one that I did not think overly about before it happened. It made me realise the number of good relationships I have built up over the years, which has most likely led me to the position I am today. You need to build solid relationships in recruitment, and as long as you stay true to yourself and work hard, there is no reason why you won’t succeed.

Yet, whilst I have worked extremely hard over the years, and committed myself to growing this business, I really don’t want to take all the credit. In 2006 I joined an organisation that genuinely invested in me and my career. The training, support and faith in me as an individual that I have received is head and shoulders above any other recruitment business that I have come across.  My role has allowed me to work with genuinely inspirational leaders such as Jo Sellick and Hannah Cottam, who allowed me the freedom, creativity and belief which has shaped my career in the direction it has taken. I really do thank you Jo and Hannah, it has been a pleasure working with you both. 

That is not to say there have not been low points. Launching a new office during a recession was intense. Not everyone that I have employed to work here has been the right hire; some difficult decisions have had to have been made – both about employees, and direction that we were going to take. I honestly believe we cannot be afraid of making mistakes, and I don’t have regrets– but I do take the time to reflect, learn and ensure that we do not make the same ones again.

So 10 years on I am the happiest I have ever been at Sellick Partnership. The individuals in our Leeds office are some of the best recruiters I have ever had the pleasure of working with– their passion, work ethic and general effervescence for the job they do sometimes astounds me!  Working with this group of passionate individuals, along with my fellow Associate Director’s, Nikki Graham and Abigail Day, inspires me every day to keep on this journey of self-discovery. I make sure I learn something new every day. One thing is for certain, if the next 10 years are anywhere near as exciting as the last, I can’t wait to see what’s coming up!  

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