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Sellick Partnership attend EM Lawshare 2016!

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26 Oct 2016
Sellick Partnership EM LawshareSellick Partnership recently attended the hugely successful EM Lawshare conference. The biennial event was held at Loughborough University with the theme being ‘Stronger Together’. This was chosen as the organisers believed the concept fit well with all who work in local government and the public sector.

EM Lawshare is an established partnership, which boats in excess of 100 members. The vast majority of the consortium’s members are local authorities. Aside from the biennial conference, members enjoy shared resources, including a library and research materials, a free training programme which offers 30 courses a year, and the chance to work collaboratively with organisations which share similar goals and aspirations. The concept of information sharing with other local authorities and public bodies is central to EM Lawshare’s success.

The event provides solicitors of all levels who work within local government the opportunity to learn, network and socialise in a collegiate environment. They are able to openly discuss the challenges presented to them and decide how best to overcome them. The conference is structured around a number of workshops and sessions catering for the needs of solicitors of all levels. Courses deal with a range of events including client care, advocacy & communication skills, and professional standards. The seminars deal with current issues playing a vital role in the ongoing development of Local Government Law, and aim at tackling problems our clients face on a daily basis. They are highly informative and provide the opportunity for clients to discuss challenges and successes with like-minded individuals.

Sellick Partnership Legal is acutely aware that the competition is high in our chosen sector. As a business we must make ourselves stand out from the rest of the crowd and go the extra mile to provide a professional service that is not equalled by our main competitors. As such, exhibiting at such events is key to our continued success. Sellick Partnership is one of the companies that exhibit at this event. The exhibitors provide a good source of information for the delegates, and it is a great networking opportunity for Sellick Partnership. Being able to speak with clients face to face in a relaxed, warm environment is invaluable. It is always a great opportunity to catch up with existing clients and forge relationships with new members of teams.

Each year provides a new challenge as we try to find a great addition to our stand; this year we brought along some healthy ‘fruit’ shots! Feedback was positive and the cayenne pepper shot proved a talking point!

A huge thanks to all those who came to speak to us and we look forward to seeing you next year, or at our next event, the LLG Governance Conference in London!

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