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17 Jul 2018
This month we have been celebrating the power of digital and how it has impacted the sectors we work in and the way we search and apply for roles. As part of this we asked Twitter users a series of questions and got some very interesting responses. Here is what we found out from our power of digital social media polls. 

Week one – could you live without digital?
Most of us will use some form of digital in our day-to-day life. Be that a mobile phone, a credit card or the treadmill at the gym, none of these would be possible with digital technology. So it was surprising that out of 1,500 Twitter users 35 percent said they could live without digital. 


Week two – has digital changed the sector you work in?
Digital transformation is having an impact on every business sector, but more often than not it can complicate matters without adequate training. Out of the 1,650 respondents 50 percent believed that digital has changed their sector for the better. Interestingly 28 percent said that they didn’t use digital at all in their workplace. 

Week three – have you embraced digital at work?
We also wanted to know if people felt they had embraced digital. We believe that digital technology can only be effective if it is embraced and the people using it are trained and use it to their advantage. We had 1,525 votes with 57 percent of those stating they didn’t feel they had embraced digital at work.


Week four – which of these digital tools do you use most when applying for roles?
Finally, we wanted to find out what the most popular digital tool were for applying for jobs. Unsurprisingly online job boards came out on top with 47 percent closely followed by social media and email with 23 percent and 24 percent respectively.

What does this mean?
Many of the results were expected, however it was very interesting to see how many people felt they didn’t use or need digital technology. Each and every one of us will use some form of digital each and every day, be that our TV in the morning, a credit card to pay for lunch ore computer at work. We therefore would be very surprised if many people would be able to escape using digital at all.  

To find out more about the power of digital you can check out our campaign content area using the link below. Alternatively if you have any thought on any of the above questions you can contact us directly by emailing

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