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Some Positive news for our NHS

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18 Jan 2016

2015 was a turbulent year for our National Health Service, with criticism around working hours for our medical professionals, the threat of strikes and the introduction of agency caps across the trusts at the back end of the year.
Sometimes, when we’re all overloaded with the negatives it’s easy to overlook a little gem in the form of my mum!

So let me take you back to the end of last year, a room full of our healthcare professionals who day-in-day out fight against the system and the media induced negativity to make the NHS one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Heading up a team of 60 based at Hull & East Yorkshire Eye Hospital, my mum Terri Wainman was presented with the award by Falklands Veteran Simon Weston at the Bayer Ophthalmology Honours of 2015 in London (proud daughter moment!)

After being a nurse for 24 years my mum has seen many changes implemented by which ever government was flavour of the month at the time.While much of the focus has been on the government’s reforms in England, there are a whole host of other factors faced at the grass root levels by all of the nurses in our NHS. Demands are rising, as are costs and this is all happening at a time when money is tighter than ever but instead of casting a dark cloud over the NHS with arguments around agency workers/caps, foreign workers and waiting times, maybe we should be focusing on gems like these - those who genuinely do have an invested interest in our NHS.

Over the last two years we’ve seen a new transformation across the NHS focussing on GP-led groups (CCG’s) take charge of the NHS budget and two tiers of management in the health service scrapped – an unnecessary change at a time when the health service is facing so many challenges. While ministers argue that the changes will actually help the service meet the challenges it faces we have to fear that the failure of this will lead to the greater use of private sector healthcare providers and potentially see the break-up of our NHS.

The next 10 years will be telling times for the NHS and how the NHS responds will determine what sort of health service the UK has for the next decade and beyond.

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