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Team GB summer success

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30 Sep 2016
If you are anything like me then you probably watched the 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games with wonder and intrigue over the summer months. Once again Team GB surpassed all expectations. People from a certain generation may find it hard to believe that little old Great Britain came a whopping second position in both medal tables, shadowing the likes of Russia, China and Germany in the Olympics and only missing out the on top spot by China in the Paralympics. In total Team GB amassed a mind blowing 214 medals, 91 of which were gold. With continued development and investment in our young starlets then who knows, maybe one day we will reign supreme. I wouldn’t bet against it, would you? All I can say is roll on Tokyo 2020, I can’t wait to see how we do!

Part of the success of the Team GB squad surely has to be put down to their amazing team spirit. Their drive and determination to work together to achieve a common goal is something that most organisations strive to replicate.
In my opinion one of the ways you can achieve this is through companywide events like the Sellick Partnership annual ‘team building’ event. I have personally attended many team building events during my career and they can often be seen as a frivolous waste of money or a chore by some people. But ask yourself this, where else would you be able to see a newly recruited apprentice standing next to their Managing Director wearing ‘It’s a Knockout’ style costumes and donning hats filled with water, whilst tackling an inflatable obstacle course covered in slippery foam? It may seem somewhat childish to some but surely this is the point? It brings employees of all levels together in a way like no other. It allows them to have a bit of fun and I believe that this can re-energise and re-motivate your workforce. 

So are the results worth the money and time invested in organising such events? In times of continued uncertainty and financial cutbacks for the private and public sectors many would argue they are not. One of the reasons for this has to be the fact that it is hard to quantify the impact events like this make on overall performance. It is arguably a difficult thing to measure, and I can understand those that feel it is hard to justify if whether or not they actually do help to increase staff productivity and motivation.

For me the results are clear and much more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. Events like this are all about building morale and boosting the spirits of your team, especially when times are hard. There are various studies and a fair amount of research that agree, proving there are some links between a happy workforce and one that is inspired, productive and successful. If team building events are successful in helping increase staff morale and motivation then you have ultimately achieved what you set out to achieve and it is well worth the time and money spent.
The 2016 Sellick Partnership team building event took place in Sheffield. To find out more and see how else Sellick Partnership reward their staff please visit @LifeAtSellick on Twitter
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