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The advantages of using temporary staff

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20 Nov 2017
More candidates are now open to working on a temporary basis than ever before and we are also witnessing an increase in the number of employers engaging temporary workers as a long-term solution to their staffing needs. Here are just a few benefits for employers when considering temporary assignments.

Expertise and engagement
Employers can hire particular expertise when needed for special projects. Organisations can experience fluctuations in their business activity for a variety of reasons, including seasonal periods, peak production times and unforeseen workloads. An added benefit of using temporary workers is that they can be engaged and put in place at short notice, which can help organisations address challenging times.

Another benefit of using temporary workers is the support they can provide a business’ permanent workforce. Rather than continuously redistributing work between current permanent employees, which can reduce productivity, increase stress and may negatively impact on health and safety, temporary resources can instead support a permanent team and help increase productivity of the entire team.

Reduced administrative burden
There is also a reduced administrative burden as temporary workers are fully interviewed and reference checked and paid by a recruitment agency and have undertaken any necessary pre-employment medicals, safety checks and OHS training.

Testing the talent
Many organisations use temporary workers on a trial basis to test their ability to do the job and assess their compatibility with the organisation. Businesses often want to ensure a potential employee will fit in with the company culture, have the necessary skills for the position, that they want to commit to the role and will enjoy it. This approach reduces the risks involved with any permanent hire, making temporary workers an attractive option for some employers.

It can save money
While the exact logistics of temporary hires differ from company to company, the process is usually far more cost effective than making a permanent hire. Hourly rates can sometimes be implemented rather than a salary, and with reduced – or at least short-term – availability to benefits and other company perks. The cost of hiring a temporary staff member can therefore often be cheaper that the cost of committing to a permanent employee. 

However it is vital that employers make sure that the temporary workers they hire are right for the job to ensure productivity and a good cultural fit, otherwise it may slow down the recruitment process and may jeopardise productivity.
If you would like to discuss how hiring temporary workers may be a good option for your business you can contact us on 0161 834 1642. Alternatively you can find out more information on the insights section of our website. Inisghts
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