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The blurred lines of your personal and professional life…

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15 Feb 2016
If you would have asked me to who was going to get the chop, for overstepping the mark in a post-match interview following Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat to Liverpool in late October, I would have had money on Jose Mourinho! Of course, since then Mourinho has received his comeuppance.

However, when it transpired that it was a top City lawyer who had been sacked for his comments, I was a little surprised. “Scouse scum” was the gist of the comments in a heated and emotional post-match interview outside Chelsea’s ground, for a fan group’s YouTube channel. The day after the match, the clip had already been shared extensively on social media. The following day it had made several newspapers. Four days later he had been identified as Mr Clive O’Connell a partner at City law firm Goldberg Segalla. Less than ten days after the interview he had been sacked for his comments.

It’s sad to see anyone lose their job, and despite what he’d said, in some way I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Mr O’Connell. It also made me think how there is no real cut off between our personal and professional life, particularly where social media is involved. Whilst Mr O’Connell’s remarks were offensive, the reality is he could have said exactly the same thing 15 years ago and there would have been no repercussions. However a man has now lost his job, because he lost his cool and it was documented for the world to see.

For good or bad, the long reaching arm of social media has bridged the gap between our personal lives and work. So next time your team takes a hiding and someone sticks a camera in your face, don’t take the bait and use it as an opportunity to vent your frustrations – the world (including your employer) could be watching!

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