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The Graduate

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11 Apr 2012

When I look back on my degree I can see in hindsight my naivety. Of course I was going to get a great job straight after university paying £30,000 and a company car. Why wouldn't I? I have an English degree. It wasn't at all a shock to find myself newly graduated and out of work. However, whilst this period of unemployment was apprehensive to say the least, I could never regret going to university. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at university - I made friends for life, found my independence, got the opportunity to travel, the capacity to learn and formed a high and well respected tolerance for tequila. All experiences that I not only treasure but have also contributed to forming the person I am today.

I have recently read an article, which cites most university degrees as totally worthless in today's modern working world. Unless you have aspirations to work in a specific field such as medicine or engineering etc. then I would be inclined to agree with this perspective. A degree will not alone get you the job. The right experience is most likely to help a graduate secure a job even if it's only voluntary, and the right attitude will lead to success.

However, to call it worthless is too strong. Ultimately, university offers the opportunity to grow academically, develop new skills (presenting, motivation, interpersonal) and experience a carefree existence without the responsibility of work and children. This is definitely something that should be celebrated especially now that the age for retirement has risen. The benefit to skipping university is that you may find yourself on a higher salary quicker. However, your earning potential is just as good if not better with a degree and a career is a long time. Where's the harm in enjoying an education a bit first?

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