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The importance of trust

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02 Jun 2016
It often takes a long period of time to gain trust however it can also be lost very quickly. When you think about it, trust is probably the most important ingredient in any successful personal, professional or business relationship. Torvill
and Dean would not have become British, European, Olympic and World figure skate champions without having the upmost trust in each other. Would Paul Allan and Bill Gates been able to found and build a business that ultimately made three Billionaires and 12000 Millionaires at the point of IPO if they did not have trust stemming back to their childhood?

So exactly what is trust and how is it gained? The English Dictionary says that trust is a;

“Firm belief in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing; confidence or reliance”

So given that trust is hard to gain and in many cases takes a long period of time, how can we expect candidates to trust us with their careers based on a one hour conversation. I believe it comes down to integrity and demonstrating ability which then leads to them having confidence in me.

I am passionate about what I do and I genuinely want to help people secure their dream jobs, or at least set them along the right path to get there. I am able to demonstrate and give examples of previous successes, jobs I have filled and companies I have worked with that match their own ambitions. I am pleased to say that  hundreds of candidates have placed their trust in me and continue to do so each and every time they come back to market.

I believe that trust can be gained relatively quickly in business as long as we are given the chance to demonstrate our ability and we then deliver on our commitments.

So maybe it's best to open yourself up to new relationships and trust that great things can happen.

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