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The Management merry-go-round

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23 Nov 2016
The Premiership season has finally begun and all of the top teams (apart from Arsenal) have invested in high profile managers from across the world in the hope that change will be fruitful. When it comes to football nothing surprises me but I was personally staggered that each of the top teams opted for a new management approach. This got me thinking, when it comes to the management merry-go-round is stability the right approach or does change at the top deliver results?

I have been in recruitment for over 12 years and during my career I have been part of many teams. The majority of these have been highly successful (thankfully) and have delivered the monetary returns the business demanded. The common theme with each of these high performing teams is the stability of their senior management team and they had high performing consultants who had been with the business for a considerable period of time. 

When doing research into this theory I found that strategic leadership is critical to delivering organisational success. Indeed, the most important aspect of strategic leadership is to ‘share the values and vision of the business’.  By doing this, employees are able to make correct decisions with minimal supervision or control. Only in organisations that promote stable leadership is this phenomenon possible. This is because it takes an enormous amount of time to build levels of trust especially with a manager/employee relationship.

When one looks to the Premiership manager merry-go-round the evidence usually shows that changing a manager of a failing team can bring immediate results. The players get a renewed vigour and increased level of motivation, usually as a result of a new captain ‘steering the ship’. But, does this temporary change in fortunes usually result in a longer term change in form?

In an office environment where the personalities of the senior team are critical to the success of the organisation I have rarely witnessed a personnel change result in an upturn in fortunes. To build a successful and sustainable organisation there can be no shortcuts, teamwork is key and a desire to pull together for a greater cause is usually the only way to success. For this to happen stable management is critical, chopping and changing is rarely the answer as it promotes instability in the workforce and a poor culture. 

I often find that football holds many parallels with real life, however, management of a football team and management in the workplace I believe are completely different. The only anomaly to this is Sir Alex Ferguson. Using Sir Alex as an example  I would implore all business heads to hire well, back your employees, build levels of trust and confidence – surely then success will be attained. 
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