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The power of positivity

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17 Sep 2015
Recently I have put myself in situations where I have had to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to achieve personal goals and move forward in the direction I have set my sights on. With our annual team building coming up and the hype of trying to figure out from the clues given; where we're going and what we're doing it got me thinking about the power of self-thought/belief.

As someone who, in the past, has questioned their ability to do certain things I know how important it is to be able to believe in yourself and the power of positivity. When you feel like you can't do something either in your personal or professional life, do you actually achieve it?! - I'd guess not!

Here are a few ways you can encourage the positivity and self-belief:

- Even if you are a pessimistic person by nature you can change that. Positivity is down to you and is something you can teach yourself to be

- Where is the negativity coming from? Everyone has their doubts or demons but chances are they stem from something somebody once said to you years ago, or a single knock back you had. Looking at the bigger picture are those opinions important and is that how it's always going to be?!

- Focusing on the negative or weaknesses is not helpful and actually makes you forget the positive. For example, the next time you find yourself thinking 'I can't do that, or 'such and such isn't my strength' why not think about the things in the situation you 'can do' and your strengths

- If you don't believe in yourself why would someone else?! Be your own cheerleader first!!

- Visualise where you are and where you want to be - focus on your goals and the things you need to do to get there. When you're feeling less optimistic think about these goals and remind yourself that in order to achieve them you have to believe in yourself

All of the above are things that I never did but now I make a conscious effort to be more positive about the outcome of things and in turn my self-confidence has improved as I keep focussing towards my individual goals.

Do you feel you're on track with your year plan, 5 year plan or even 10 year plan? Do you feel your positivity is affected in your current role and want to change roles? Or maybe your work environment really encourages individual development and you want to share how they do that? Contact me now on 01332 542580 to discuss.
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