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The recruitment office Olympians!

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15 Aug 2016
The Rio 2016 Olympics are in full swing, with motivated athletes competing for bronze,, silver and gold medals, all in a bid to make their countries proud. Similarly, recruitment offices are filled with driven motivated individuals, all hungry for success, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, much like professional athletes. With the Rio 2016 Olympics underway I wanted to share with you what I see on a daily basis, and introduce the Olympians of Sellick Partnership.

The ‘Jessica Ennis – Hill’

A recruiter that has honed their skills to perfection. This individual can juggle 10 tasks at once without even breaking a sweat, maintaining a calm and centred demeanour. They can place high-calibre candidates in right roles, and also ensure all other tasks have been completed. Placing jobs with ease whilst making sure that all other tasks have been completed. This determined individual is an expert in their field and knows the competition inside and out. Ambitious, passionate, and hungry for success, not someone many want to go up against.

The ‘Usain Bolt’

A recruiter that is quick off the mark and can chase down any wayward candidate or unresponsive client. This is often as very experienced and knowledgeable individual that can outstrip the competition by a mile. This recruiter can always visualise the finish line, while taking into account their surroundings and the bigger picture.

The ‘Newbie’

The ‘Newbie’ recruiter is a champion in the making, watching the gold medallists of the office and learning quickly about their patch. Driven, and hungry to succeed it will not be long before this individual is ready to take on the best, and will run all the way to the top.

The ‘Sir Chris Hoy’

A legend in their own right, this recruiter is idolised by the team, and used as an example of what can be achieved. They have earned their place in the trophy cabinet and won the hearts of the entire office. Feared by their competitors, and admired by peers, this recruiter is a firm favourite among clients, colleagues and candidates.

The ‘Mo Farah’

This individual is in it for the long haul, and does not mind waiting. A patient recruiter, pacing themselves for the right roles and the right candidates, before striking for the win. Always staying one step ahead of everybody else but is always looking at the bigger picture. This recruiter usually comes out on top with a big celebration to follow their success.
But of course, an Olympic star wouldn’t be anything without the team supporting them behind the scenes.

The ‘Manager’

The manager is the ‘brains and brawn’ behind the operation. Still at the peak of their own game, a manager guides and mentors their team to success. A strong multi-tasker who is able to manage requests from all internal and external stakeholders, and manage the team effectively and efficiently. Nothing is out of their comfort zone and no question is too big or small.

The ‘Resourcer’

A star in the making, a Resourcer is there is support and help promote greatness before it is their own time to shine. They are carefully selected for their skills and are prepped to follow in the footsteps of the office success stories whilst continually learning. Watch out for these recruitment athletes they are the stars of the future.

The ‘Administrators’

The dream support team are always on hand to help consultants with any tasks and are more than happy to do so. Their role is pretty understated and under the radar. Tasked to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for the consultants, they are under enormous pressure from all angles. This task is difficult at times but the consultants could not do their day-to-day job without them. They hold the team together during the good and the bad. A good support system is key to any Recruitment Olympian and they are forever grateful for the work the administrators carry out for them.

This is just a brief overview of the archetypes in recruitment and working in the recruitment industry can not only be challenging, but also extremely rewarding.

For more information about recruitment or becoming one of our own star athletes, visit our Work for Us section. Work for Us
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