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16 May 2016
As Office Manager, the main focus of my role is discussing relevant opportunities with candidates and ensuring that their details are up-to-date for the consultants.

When we discuss roles with candidates we always ensure that we discuss the role, where it is and importantly which client it is with – the only time we are unable to do this is where the client have asked for confidentiality.

In the public sector market, particularly within the NHS which has agency worker price caps in place, we are experiencing and increasing number of candidates who are contacted by multiple agencies about the same roles. There have been more instances because of this of late that have found candidates having been sent by multiple agencies for the same roles which can cause everyone involved some frustration as there is then the need to establish ‘right of representation’.

Here are a few guidelines to hopefully remove these dual representation issues moving forwards:

  • Ensure when speaking with an agency that you receive all the possible details about the role, as a minimum this should include job title and organisation.
  • When another agency contacts you about a vacancy you have already discussed, advise them that you have already been contacted about that role and not to put you forward. 
  • If you are contacted by another agency, inform the agency already representing you.
  • If dual representation does occur because another agency have sent your CV without your request, email the agency representing you to advise they have representation and the other agency haven’t acted on your behalf.
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