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The value of LinkedIn

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19 Jun 2015

LinkedIn may not have the buzz or as much interest as the likes of Facebook or Twitter, but has fundamentally changed the way that recruiters and clients search for suitable candidates in today's market. Whilst you are unlikely to find your next role as a car mechanic for instance, it has become a powerful tool to utilise in today's business world. Big companies and recruitment businesses pay a lot for premium LinkedIn features. Even for the basic service, it can provide a successful tool for networking and for recruiting if you are making the most out of it. Linked in is a fantastic networking site to explore when recruiting key talent, it isn't a particularly useful site to recruit low level jobs.

Make sure that you are doing the following: 

1. Build your network 
Professional recruiters are always on the lookout for new candidates and are continually adding new contacts that are relevant for their networks. The value of Linked in really depends upon the quality and the quantity of your connections. The best way to build upon this is to constantly be on the lookout and adding new contacts that are relevant to your professional field of work. Putting your linked in profile on your email signature is a simple thing to do make people aware of your details so that they can add you. 

2. Make use of advanced search and search alerts
If you have more than a handful of connections, your network of second and third degree contacts is hug. LinkedIn advance search is a great tool which allows you to search on a variety of parameters. Narrowing down your search to a small group of quality leads is a much better use of your time as opposed to trawling through a long list of contacts. 

3. Pick up the phone 
Linked in is no excuse to stop using the phone to make recruitment calls. Using email to communicate with your contacts efficiently and generate leads is super, but when it comes to making new contacts, the phone still remains a great tool. 

I personally would not look at LinkedIn as a radical new way to go about recruiting; rather, look at it as a way to do what you're already doing better. Recruiting will still be about calls, emails, advertising and meetings. However, this is an add on tool to utilise to ensure that you are targeting all of the available key talent. Make sure that you are maximizing this advantage by adding to your network every day.

If you would like more tips on how to make the most of LinkedIn, why not download our free LinkedIn guide here to help you make the most out of the site. 
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