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The Working Interview: beneficial to both the prospective candidate and to the employer

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14 Apr 2016
The recruitment process in many businesses comprises of the same established cycle; beginning with the provision of a CV and covering letter, followed up with a series of phone and face to face interviews. However, the issue facing many employers is whether in reality, this is really enough to conclude whether you as a potential candidate would thrive in the unique business environment they have to offer. In such instances, employers may now turn to ‘the working interview’.

What is the working interview?

In essence, the working interview is a mini ‘day in the life of’ the role you’re pursuing, with employers asking you to complete duties you’d typically find yourself being responsible for were you to be successful with your application.
However, what most candidates often overlook with the working interview, is that the experience is just as beneficial for them as it is the employer.

Benefits of the working interview to candidates

The working interview is a great opportunity for you to:
  • Demonstrate first hand those skills addressed in your CV
  • Gain an insight into the level of autonomy that comes with the role
  • Determine the difficulty level of the role and the duties and responsibilities that would be expected of you
  • Experience both the social and physical aspects of the working environment
  • Determine how viable the location of the role is, an aspect of key importance to professional interims.

Benefits of the working interview to the employer

The working interview is a great opportunity for employers to:
  • Establish whether the candidate really possesses the necessary skills to fulfil the job role, or at least possesses the foundations to build upon them skills.
  • Determine whether the candidates working style and attitude sits in align with the companies and fellow employees.

As a fresh recruit to the Midlands Housing and Property Services division, a working interview is a process I have recently experienced. Here’s my guide to ensure you’re fully prepared and ensure you’re one step ahead of your competitors:
  • Gain a feel of what you’ll be expected to do in your job role and research around this
  • Demonstrate your willingness to learn by asking informed questions
  • Emit a can-do attitude
  • Don’t be afraid to get ‘stuck in’ even if you are inexperienced with the given task 
  • Have a handful of intellectual questions to ask your prospective employer to finish.

Finally remember- the working interview is a perfect chance to show the employer what you can do, and your final chance to leave a strong and long-lasting impression. The working interview is both beneficial to you as the prospective candidate, and to the employer.

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