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Think before you speak...

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27 Jul 2015
We are constantly reminded about the importance of professionalism in the workplace. Words matter - they are, of course, the key component in verbal communication. As recruitment consultants, the majority of work we do is over the phone as opposed to face-to-face. Therefore, it's important that we are able to communicate using the right words and phrases.

This said, there are often times where we lose our train of thought, or perhaps try to use words or phrases have a limited understanding of in a bid to make us seem more intellectual. The difference between the 'almost right' word right word is really a large matter - "'tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning" - Mark Twain, American author and humourist.

Since working at Sellick Partnership I have heard some questionable words and phrases used by colleagues whilst speaking to both candidates and clients. For your entertainment, I've listed some of the humorous examples below:
  • When my colleague realised she couldn't curse at her candidate mid-sentence - "You're right, it could come back and bite you in the……neck”
  • Another derriere related faux pas - "Nip it in the butt” 
  • "It's a doggy dog world out there” - perhaps a 'dog eat dog' world?
  • Agreeing with a candidate that they can't rely on something before it happens - "I understand, you don't want to count your pigeons” 
  • "I heard it on the grapeline” - Marvin Gaye would be extremely disappointed!
  • "I imagine you were like a cat in the headlights?  -When candidate was caught off guard with some tricky interview questions
  •  "Happy hump day Mr Client”- No. Just no. 
  • And some phonetic alphabet blunders; E for Elephant / Echo, G for God / Golf, B for Bernard / Bravo. And my personal favourite, J for Giraffe / Juliet.
Granted the above were not detrimental to my colleagues' careers however there are certain words and phrases that could jeopardise one's professional image. To us, of course these are innocent mistakes, however to those on the other end of the phone, these slip ups could affect the overall impression you give. Always be positive, talk about what you know and remember to choose your words carefully.
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