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Think before you tweet

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30 Jun 2016
Over the years social media has played an important role in the way businesses portray and develop their brand. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube are just a few tools that businesses use to build brand awareness, engage with clients/customers and stay ahead of the game. However, it is crucial these tools are used strategically; as well as building your brand, in can play just as equal role in destroying it.

Baker Small, a law firm that provides legal advice to a number of local authorities across the country including Hertfordshire CC, Norfolk CC and a number of London Borough clients, recently experienced the negative impact social media can often cause an organisation. Last week, the firm was criticised across social media and in the news this week after publicly celebrating their win over a family seeking support for their child in their educational development.

The tweet, which has since been removed from Baker Small’s Twitter account stated; “Crikey, had a great win last week which sent some parents into a storm! It is always a great win when the other side thinks they won.”

The tweet (one of a few) spread like wildfire and was reported in the media nationwide, which ultimately led to a backlash of a number of local authority clients suspending or cancelling their contracts. Education law is an incredibly niche area of law and it is notoriously difficult to find high-calibre and talented education lawyers.

The incident clearly demonstrates how a simple 140 characters and one click of a button can jeopardise your company brand, credibility and lose approximately £1 million in business overnight.

So, think before you tweet; remember your audience and think of the consequences your tweet might have before you post it.

As a result of this, we have seen the number of education lawyer opportunities rise, which has had a considerable impact on what was previously a very quiet market.

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