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Through the looking glass...

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24 Aug 2015
One of the most asked questions in our industry is; "what is the best way to advertise and how can we get the best out of our social media?”  Many events are advertised online with huge promotions and sponsorship opportunities in order to get the most views or target a specific type of customer.

This got me thinking about the adverts and events that are promoted online using different platforms within both the social media and television field. Although recruitment is more limited to the online space, it is often the corporate events which have more depth in their marketing strategy. Largely down to the fact that recruitment adverts are high in volume meaning more thought and time will often go into events and special occasions.

Having bought some tickets for an event in London for the weekend I was curious at the lack marketing on this particular event, within large cities and how we as a society are receptive to the sway of advertising!

Booking up a few months ago for "Alice's adventures Underground” it was an amazing immersive theatre event near Waterloo Station. The marketing around this event was so low key - having heard about it though a friend who had attended meant that I booked up without hesitate.

The event itself is only on for a limited time this summer and the idea behind the interactive experience is to fully immerse the audience into the world of Alice in Wonderland. With a set of themed rooms and entertaining actors you are drawn into the weird and wonderful world and become part of the book as you find your own "suit” - I was a proud temporary resident of the Spade clan!

Given the nature of the event meant everyone got a different experience and everything it was a step into the unknown! Looking on their website prior to my attendance didn't tell me much about the hour and half that was signing myself up for… perhaps the idea of less is more in this case really worked well?

The event itself was based in a disused underground station not far from Waterloo - down a backstreet about a ten minute walk away was yet again lacking signs and marketing however we eventually stumbled past the entrance and began our journey through the looking glass…

The complete deficiency in marketing whereby I missed the huge signs splashed in magazines and very minimal information on their website really added to the charm and excitement around Alice and continued the whole concept of the immersive experience. Using this marketing technique meant the theatre group used a select few online and printed magazines to target a certain audience and left the rest to word of mouth!

Following old traditions proves that older techniques are still just as effective as more modern ideas and advertising online! The Alice Underground event will be running up until the end of August - if you can manage to bag a ticket to fall into the rabbit hole that is…
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