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Volunteering with Guide Dogs for the Blind

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11 Sep 2015
Last week, I took a day off work to do exactly what I wanted - fully paid, no holiday days taken, no "sick” days - it was lovely. This was all thanks to an initiative brought in at the start of this year and Sellick Partnership allows days off to partake in charity commitments. Sellick Partnership believes that as individuals (and as a business) we play an important role in the communities we work and live in and that is why we support local, regional and national charities across the UK and are encouraged to get involved.

Following our trip to the National Breeding Centre, I was inspired and began looking into volunteering with the Guide Dogs. I have always been passionate about dogs having grown up with them and loving them from an early age. The charity Guide Dogs for the Blind, helps so many people and is something I am extremely supportive of.

There are many ways to help the charity but it can be hard whilst working full time. One of the ways I have found is to become part of the local fundraising team. This means spending weekends, and sometimes evenings, attending various local events, fairs and supermarkets/town centres to man a stall, sell raffle tickets or simply to stand with a bucket for donations! I began doing this earlier in the year and loved it. Recently, I have been endorsed as one of the area's organisers; this means I am now involved in the planning of these events. As part of this, extra training was required. This is where Sellick came in. I was allowed the day off to complete this training and it means my commitment to the charity can be upheld. I spent the day increasing my knowledge, completing a course one as a Sighted Guide and meeting other volunteers.

As an employee, this is something that is very important to me. Knowing that Sellick Partnership acknowledges, encourages and supports me in doing this is something that I really appreciate in the company. Not only do I get to spend my days working with dogs and puppies, I can even get paid for it!

If you would like to join Sellick Partnership and have the opportunity of doing what you love for your community, why not check out our internal roles on our Work For Us site.
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