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What drives you?

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07 Aug 2015
Recently many reporters have commented on Katie Hunter's dashed dreams of entering the Paralympics for horse riding after being injured in a crash in December 2013. Unfortunately for Katie this was the second accident to have affected her chances in the Olympics, following a previous incident where Katie landed on her head during an event. Leaving her with a serious brain injury, Katie had to re-learn everything she ever knew, from speech to walking, and getting back on to a horse.

The determination Katie showed to not let this hold her back, I found truly inspiring; she is set on achieving her goal and aims to still compete in the Paralympics at some point. Reading this article got me thinking about Katie's passion, drive and determination. It led me to think about what motivates us and it comes from. I thought about how these make up a person and shape the decisions we make.

Often these three words are suggested to be a key behind an individual's success and seen to be related to performance. It has been suggested that the difference between who we are, and what we want to be, is what we do about it. If we have the drive, determination and passion to achieve, then naturally we are more likely to do so, as we make the relevant changes to get where we want to be. It can be seen in people's work and is a topic of interest to many, as can be demonstrated in psychological and philosophical theories.

For me, drive comes from knowing what you want, as does determination as it helps an individual focus on looking at the process involved to make something happen. But passion somewhat fuels ones drive and seems to be something that is more innate and within. We may not know what we want to achieve, but we can still be passionate regardless, again for me it is more about the care and attention that we put in. I personally think that ambition, motivation and drive can be influenced by one's passion or purpose, an energy that pushes an individual.

Have you thought about what drives you and the direction you are heading in? Are you happy and passionate about your role, or do you have bigger aspirations? If you are thinking of making a change in your career, then contact me on 0161 834 1642 for further advice or email me
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