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Which soft skills do you need?

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11 Jul 2016
Once upon a time, a career was a career for life. However, with constant uncertainty with oil prices, Chinese markets and the decision to leave the European Union, everyone need to develop their general employability skills so that should cuts be made, you are saved or have the additional value added factor to secure a new role.

It may sound obvious but you should always be seeking to learn new skills and take on different projects. In the interim finance market candidates who have proven their ability to work in projects, will pip others to the post as there is confidence that they could hit the ground running. Project work also shows you are flexible but more importantly it say a lot about your attitude to work generally and implies that that you are proactive and capable.

Develop and use your emotional intelligence

This will be natural to some people but for others it can be hard to understand how to respond and react to. Part of being successful is developing an understanding of the different roles of colleague, what they enjoy and don’t, and then utilising this knowledge to adapt to how your team works. Not only is this efficient, but it can also keep your peers happy. 

Build partnerships and strong relationships with your colleagues

You don’t need to be everyone’s best friend but networking with your company and team could help you in the long-term. You never know when you may need a favor from them at work or when you finish. 

Be decisive

There is nothing worse than sitting on the fence, assess your option and make a reasoned choice. As long as you can reason why you chose to do what you did, you will be in a strong position. If it was the wrong choice you can learn from your mistakes, this is always better than procrastinating and not having the confidence in your own choices. If you can’t decide it may show that you were not ready to be in an important position.  

Coach and mentor others

If you are seeking a promotion to a managerial post, get some experience in mentoring staff where you can, it doesn’t have to be in a formal capacity but make note of what you did and the person’s achievements as a result.
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