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Why do an apprenticeship?

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06 Jul 2015
Having a look through some job boards recently, it caught my attention that more and more apprenticeships are being advertised, which I see as a really positive sign. In particular I noticed that several local authority legal teams were advertising such as Tandridge District Council, Woking Borough Council, Basildon Borough Council and Guildford Borough Council to name a few. 

Following on from my colleague Alexis' blog concerning the difficulty and process in securing a training contract, it seems a good time to be thinking about what else candidates can be doing to make themselves stand out, and increase their prospects of securing future employment, or the elusive training contract! So, what are the benefits of securing an apprenticeship?

1. Earn an income whilst you learn your trade - this can be a great thing to do during holidays at university, or as part of your course

2. Shows a great work ethic - as apprenticeships aren't always the best paid, it really shows a willingness and keenness to learn and to develop

3. Build up your CV - get something relevant on there! Your apprenticeship should be in an area you want to pursue, and it is a fantastic way to obtain that experience

4. Makes you stand out from your competitors - getting an apprenticeship is very competitive, and having that experience on your CV is going to differentiate you from your competition

5. Stepping stone into your next role - it goes without saying that gaining some practical, hands on experience is only going to assist you when it comes to securing future employment As a specialist legal recruiter, I look at numerous CVs every day, and a lot of these are of those who have just completed their LPC, who are looking to secure work. Those who have managed to secure an apprenticeship, or even a work placement, really stand out to me, as I know that when it comes to submitting CVs to my clients, that is going to be attractive to them.

I specifically recruit for public sector organisations in the South West, and have, over the last 12 months, seen an increase in the demand for interim legal assistants. These roles provide a fantastic opportunity for those who have completed an apprenticeship to take that next step in their own professional development, and we regularly have fantastic success in placing those candidates in locum assignments.

If you have just completed an apprenticeship, and are seeking your next role I would be really keen to hear from you, please do get in touch on 0161 834 1642. Alternatively, you can email me at
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