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Why taking time off is important!

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26 Aug 2015
Working in recruitment means that for the most part you are very much responsible, and ideally in control of your desk, your business, and your workload. Working within the legal team at Sellick Partnership, you are given a lot of space and autonomy, which means you have to be self-motivated, driven, and able to take on the responsibility for your own workload.
With such a role comes slightly OCD tendencies (we all have them!), which can include making sure that you are in control of everything that is going on in your given area, and sometimes finding it a little difficult to handover matters for your colleagues to deal with. It is therefore easy to get wrapped up in those responsibilities and your workload, and not consider that it may be time to take a break, and stop the cogs turning for a couple of days!

I recently enjoyed a long overdue break in Italy, and spent the most part of it lying on a sun lounger enjoying the Tuscan sun! I am a serial offender for using my annual leave over the year to take long weekends, but this year, took 10 days off, and I don't think I will look back! Ten days was really enough time to completely switch off from the day to day on goings of life at work, and really gave me enough time to slow the brain down, and eventually stop thinking about what could be going on back in the office.

According to a YouGov report, only one in three people take all of their annual leave, with Brits being amongst the worst for it. Perhaps people are worried what their employers will think about them taking time off? What happens to their workload when they are off? Maybe people feel guilty that others will have to look after their work. I think there are tonnes of reasons that we could justify not using our full holiday entitlement. My advice would be - take your holiday!!! 
1. Make the commitment - by booking flights and hotels, its tougher to change around any plans, ensuring that you'll take that well-deserved time off.
2. Go on holiday with friends and family - this will really make you think twice if you consider backing out, as you will be letting others down 
3. Do a proper handover, make sure you know who is looking after what in your workload, this will ease anxiety/.guilt
4. Leave the world of technology! Don't take a laptop, don't be connected on your mobile. It's too easy to check emails and not disconnect from the working world
5.Give your team as much notice as possible - this will also help ease the holiday nerves and means that provisions can be put in place if need be!

Hopefully this will spur you on into taking that week off you have been thinking about for ages!
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