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Work hard, stay humble, be kind

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06 Nov 2017
Work Hard Stay Humble Be Kind “Work hard, stay humble, be kind” is one of thousands of phrases that is thrown around everywhere. You cannot login to any social media outlet without seeing posts with quotes, memes and life mantras intended to motivate. So I thought I would actually give this some consideration, normally I read these things and just think ‘here’s another one’ but actually, I think there is a lot to be said to this one. 

Work Hard

Don’t be lazy, do not expect others to facilitate your success, take responsibility for your own tasks. This can be anything from your day-to-day work tasks, organising a sports team, organising a hen do or birthday party – the harder you work at all of these things, the better they will be. If it is your responsibility, you are in charge and it is you who will be accountable. Hard work also pays off; the term ‘hard work’ doesn’t need to be a tired, exasperated phrase (although it definitely can be!), it can be a positive term used to show your ambition and motivation to succeed in something, however big or small!

Stay Humble

If you have worked hard and are experiencing success, do not let it go to your head! The word humble is defined as ‘having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s importance’. In essence, don’t get too big for your boots, and without talking in clichés, remember where you came from! If you are working your way up in an organisation, don’t start treating others badly – this sounds so simple but is so often the case, remember when you started at an organisation, and how hard you have worked, and how tough that can be. Stay humble, don’t turn into a mean, power hungry monster.

Be Kind

Again, it sounds so simple but is one of the first things to go if you don’t keep yourself in line. Be kind, what does that actually mean? Is it that easy? I understand it to mean that you need to generally have a good disposition and be considered. This is not always easy and something that everyone falls foul of at some point – snapping at someone because you are tired or you have had a long day, speaking about someone behind their back, not being as helpful as you could be – these are all small things that we ideally want to cut out.

This is something that I am going to try and keep at the forefront of my mind, and hopefully I will notice some changes. It is easy to get wrapped up in a moment both positive and negative which means you perhaps say things you don’t mean, act inappropriately, or are just a bit short tempered. It may also sound silly, but with us now being in November, the days are getting shorter, colder and darker, people’s sunny disposition does disappear, and moods tend to fluctuate, especially if you prefer the summer months.
Are there any quotes, phrases, mantras that you try to live by, or that particularly resonate with you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  

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