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Environmental policy

Sellick Partnership cares about the protection of the environment and acknowledges that environmental considerations should be an integral part of our business. We recognise our day-to-day operations inevitably have an effect on the local, regional and global environment, and our teams work hard to ensure that we keep them to a minimum.

To ensure that all aspects of our activities are conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices, we have the following guidelines:


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Sellick Partnership promotes recycling and the use of recycled materials, while reducing the consumption of materials where possible. For example, as good practice, all offices are encouraged to reduce the use of paper by printing and photocopying where necessary or to collect waste paper for recycling. 

Office energy

energy iconThe company conserves resources by reducing waste and reducing the unnecessary and wasteful use of energy and water wherever appropriate and economically practicable. Low energy lights are used where possible, and all employees are reminded to ensure that all electrical items are switched off when they leave the office. The efficiency of each office's building insulation is regularly reviewed.  

Waste disposal 

waste icon We aim to minimise waste in all our operations. The company will ensure that all materials and waste generated from its offices are  managed and disposed of in a responsible manner with due regard for environmental obligations and considerations. For example, all used toner cartridges are disposed of in accordance with the manufacturer's recycling recommendations. 


travel iconStaff are required to reduce business travel where possible or, as a minimum, plan work and meetings to make travelling more efficient. The use of public transport is encouraged where suitable, as is car sharing. 

Complying with legislation 

We will comply with relevant environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice as the minimum standards of environmental performance.

The company is committed to minimising the impact of its operations to the environment by means of a programme of continuous improvement. We will periodically review our performance against the aims set out in this environmental policy.

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