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Job overview

Clerk Of Works

Clerk Of Works
Permanent (37 hours per week)
£34728 - £37890 pro rata

The Clerk of Works will be based on our clients site most of the time or will be making regular visits to the site's. The Clerk of Works will be expected to be vigilant in their inspections of a large range of technical, as well as Health and Safety aspects of the work.

The Responsibilities of the Clerk Of Works include;

  • Make visual inspections of the sites and work taking place. Provide support to both the Service Provider and Project Manager.
  • Take measurements and samples on site to make sure that the work and the materials being used meet the specifications and quality standards
  • Be familiar with legal requirements and checking that the work complies with them.
  • Have a working knowledge of health and safety legislation and bring any shortfalls observed to the attention of the person(s) concerned, as well as the Project Manager.
  • Act as Superintendent - This means that the post holder can:
  • Advise the Service Provider about certain aspects of the work, particularly if something has gone wrong.
  • Agree to minor changes in value up to the current level of delegated authority for the post.
  • Be required to keep detailed records of various aspects of the work, which they will put together in regular weekly / monthly reports for the Project Manager and the Client. Records will include the following details of but not be limited to:
  • Pre works and post completion inspections.
  • Identifying and monitoring potential risks within projects.
  • A progress report setting out details of any delays
  • Details of any significant events including any serious deficiencies in health or safety performance they have observed while on site.
  • Clerks of Works will liaise closely with the Service Provider's staff. They must, however, maintain their independence, as they are responsible for working in the best interests of the Client.
  • If the work involves maintenance, alterations or additions to buildings by the Clients' directly employed workers, Clerks of Works will be responsible for supervising them.

The Clerk of Works will also be required to:

  • Attend any meetings where required to provide information and present their reports.
  • Sign off partially and fully completed works, as part of the certification process to make payments to the Service Provider.
  • Act as the first point of contact in resolving complaints received from residents, their representatives and members of the public.
  • Participate in customer satisfaction surveys and ensure they are carried out impartially and without duress.
  • Attend and accept handovers and carry out independent end of day checks on behalf of the Client.
  • Be flexible and work as part of a team.
  • Be physically fit and able to climb and descend Ladders and Scaffolds unaided.
  • Deputise for their line manager when he/she is unavailable.
  • Attend team meetings and briefings and any relevant training courses.
  • Operate in accordance with SBC's policies and procedures and all relevant legislation and codes of practice which impact on the role.

The Ideal candidate for the Clerk Of Works role should be;

  • Be self-motivated, self-supporting with the best interests of the project and residents uppermost.
  • Familiar with the specification of works any relevant drawings, change orders and written instructions, checking them, and using them as a reference when inspecting the work