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Kiran Purewal │ Senior Consultant

Describe your working day

As much as the very nature of recruitment invites spontaneity and unplanned events, my working day is generally structured to allow me to divide my time between clients and candidates.

First thing in the morning, I devote my time to catching up with both candidates who are currently out on assignments for me and those who are actively seeking a new role. The rest of my day is spent speaking with regular and new clients about current requirements and getting feedback on locums we have placed with them.

In and amongst this activity, anything and everything can and does happen so being organised and able to manage your time is crucial.

Why did you choose recruitment as a career path?

My older sister has worked in recruitment for years and I was really attracted to how people centred the role was. My sister seemed to know an awful lot about her regular clients and candidates and she felt a real investment in how they got on with their careers.

Working in diverse roles allows you to learn more about what you really like and through my professional experiences I discovered that the main things I enjoy are interacting with people and being able to see tangible results from my efforts. I knew I'd definitely find this in recruitment.

How did you join Sellick Partnership?

I decided to actively seek a role in recruitment and signed up with a specialist agency. I interviewed with several other recruitment consultancies alongside Sellick Partnership and realised I hadn't really been prepared for just how different recruitment could be depending on the environment. I met with some agencies that encouraged aggressive internal competition between colleagues and others where all work social events, including impromptu drinks after work, were compulsory. At one agency, they worked such long hours that they even made a habit of sleeping at work!

Ultimately, I accepted the job offer at Sellick Partnership because I felt like they were a lot more mature and really encouraged a healthy work life balance. Most importantly, as someone who hadn't done sales before and isn't a naturally pushy person, I knew that I wouldn't have to change my personality to do well here.

What are the main difficulties/challenges you face in your day?

It's important to adapt your mindset to different measures of success in the day and to feel like you've been productive, in spite of the tasks that you sometimes need to leave for the next day.

Who inspires you to succeed?

I'm probably a bit too old now but I still really care what my parents think about my professional life and like to feel like I'm making them proud.

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