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Michael Bailey │ Senior Consultant

Describe a typical day as a recruitment consultant.

Every day is really varied so there isn’t ‘a typical day’. I spend a lot of time speaking to my candidates and to clients that I have placed with making sure everything is running smoothly.

Most of the day is then spent updating with new and old clients and candidates, understanding their needs and requirements and matching them together but also anticipating when candidates will become free for new assignments and when roles are likely to become available.

I work exclusively placing locum solicitors in private practices for contracts ranging from a few months to just a week or a couple of days, so when a new role comes in it is really fast paced – we have to make sure we find the right person for that role before one of our competitors does.

At times it can be frantic, but the day goes so quickly because I enjoy the buzz!

What do you think makes a good consultant?

It is crucial that you are determined to succeed. It doesn’t always go your way, and you have to be able to take the knocks and maintain a positive attitude.

Obviously you have to be good with people and be able to build relationships, but also to enjoy that aspect. I think that you need to read people and situations, to be able to predict an outcome and understand your needs, plus if you are empathic – it shows that you care and it’s more than just your job to help!

What training have you received since starting at Sellick Partnership?

The most important training has been on the job; learning the processes and systems that are unique to Sellick Partnership, as well as drawing on the experience of my manager and the wider team.
Within the first couple of months I attended a welcome day with other new starters, which was great to understand the business and other newcomers who were in the same boat.

I’ve also had some sales training – learning the basics and I am about to undertake an advanced course on this.

Describe your proudest professional moment in your career so far.

In my first six months I won £400 worth of flights vouchers in a competition to get the most temporary contracts agreed within a two month period. Being new to sales, I was really proud and used the vouchers for a great trip to Paris.

What inspires you to succeed in your role?

Ultimately recruitment is a sales role and the commission is very motivating, but I’ve built really good relationships with clients and I want to help them. I hear that they get let down by other agencies or their staff and they always come to me for help. I have one who client who calls me in a panic every other Friday, and it’s nice to know I’m the person to call!

How would you describe the culture of Sellick Partnership?

I chose to work at Sellick Partnership rather than any other agency, because the culture is so different. It’s open and friendly and far more of a team environment than you would expect in recruitment. The teams work together to deal with the most urgent roles, we don’t sell on our own - we support each other to do the best we can.

What is your most memorable experience at Sellick Partnership?

I loved the ‘End of Financial Year Awards’ which took place in April at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester.  It was fantastic for the whole company to get together, hear the business plan for the next 12 months and brilliant to see teams and individuals being recognised for their achievements.

The food and speeches were great, and everyone went to the pub afterwards to spend more time socialising with colleagues from other offices and teams.

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