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19 Feb 2015

This month I celebrated my first anniversary of starting work at Sellick Partnership. It's been a landmark time for me, landing my first role and being promoted from resourcing consultant to recruitment consultant.

The last year has seen a number of huge events, so I thought I would take a look back at some of  the major events from the last 12 months…

5. FlappyBird went viral in early 2014. Absolutely everyone heard about theapp which created uproar in the gaming community with copyright laws beingquestioned for others it become an addictive sport. Designer Nguyen demonstratedthe power of the internet - in less than six months the app store saw millions ofdownloads and constant social media hype with gamers attempting to beat eachlevel!

4. TheEbola Epidemic was believed to have started in West Africa in early March. Thewidespread disease has caused significant mortality across the board. In turnDoctors and Nurses risked their lives to fly out and treat those who wereaffected. Ebola health workers were collectively named Time Magazines "Person of the Year”.

3. IceBucket Challenge raised over $100 million since July 2014. Theinternet sensation took over when online users took to social media postingvideos of their ice bucket challenge. The act involved individuals throwing abucket of ice cold water over their head to promote awareness of ALS and MotorNeuron disease - after posting online users would donate to the chosen charity.This is one of 2014's highlights being such a huge success across the UK andUS.

2. TheScottish Referendum took place on the 18th of Septemberand voters decided to opt against independence. With 55.3% of the votes goingagainst the independence Scotland set the highest recorded turnover for anelection with 84.6% of people voting on the day. Big news for the rest of theUnited Kingdom as the campaign could have effected the government massively in2015!

1. BlackFriday fell on the 28th of November, whilst this has been anAmerican tradition following on from Thanksgiving it has more recently beenadopted in the UK. In 2014 Black Friday caused chaos in supermarkets across thecountry with customers caught on TV rushing for the deals released at midnight!

These are just a few of the events from the past 12 months, but what do you think the five biggest events of the last year were? One thing is for sure and that is that the last year and start a newpath get in touch today - don't wait for tomorrow to roll round!

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