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A-Level results day 2014; what are your options?

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14 Aug 2014

This day many years ago I was sat in the car with my parents waiting for those results that were going to impact on the rest of my life (apparently!) - they didn't.

If I am completely honest, I didn't get the a-level results I wanted and had to go through clearing - I really empathise with those people that have to go through that today.

However, that experience has spurred me on in everything else that I have done in my life. I did the course that I wanted to do and successfully completed a years placement at Marks & Spencer working in their Marketing department - which set me up for the rest of my career...

University is not for everyone - it wasn't for me - and there are other options.

In today's world, employers are not just looking for qualifications, they are looking for a 'fit' - someone that has the attitude, personality and scope to be successful and really add value to their business. That may sound a bit fluffy but it's true - we see it all the time with our clients, looking for that certain individual who can provide softer skills alongside technical ability.

Marketing is a competitive career to get into, but if you are commercially minded, creative and savvy you can do well - I have now worked in recruitment within marketing for over a decade. It is fast paced, exciting and challenging; you have to be both reactive and proactive to ensure that you are ahead of competitors.

2014 has seen me be promoted to Associate Director and shortlisted for the Young Marketing Person of the Year 2014 - the hard work has been worth it and been recognised, and now I can look for that next step in my career.

As you can see, university is not the only option - many school leavers with solid results are looking at apprenticeships or internships. You need to weigh up your options and really think about where you want to be in 12 months, two years, fives years, and even beyond.

I know that the pressure is on you from school, parents and yourself. But take that time to think about you really want.

Once you have made that decision - celebrate, it's the right one for you!

If you do want to speak to someone about your career options, or a career in recruitment, please contact me on 0161 834 1642 or e-mail Alternatively, connect with me on LinkedIn.

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