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A Positive Immigration Policy

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13 Jan 2014

Our leading politicians from both the right and left wings - including Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, Farage, Osbourne, and Johnson - are currently walking this country into an employment catastrophe with their opinions about migration and immigration from Europe.

The aforementioned individuals fail to recognise that this country has a fundamental employment issue facing its long-term prospects in filling both high and low skilled vacancies in the UK. A combination of a 10% "underclass" in the UK, who have little or no appetite to ever consider working (as they are second generation offspring blighted by their parents 'work shy' attitude), an ageing population living far longer than predicted, and a pension crisis time bomb which the state cannot support financially or economically have left the country with little choice.

The current media storm over Romanian and Bulgarian workers flooding to the UK to take the jobs of UK nationals is utterly wrong, untruthful and politically charged, all in order to chase an electorate seduced by bigoted opinions rewarding sensationalist headlines by a warped media.

My point here is that the UK needs a positive immigration policy. 

We require foreign nationals from France, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and any other country in the European Union that may want to consider working in the UK. We crucially need a positive immigration policy because we have a huge swathe of the UK population not interested in working. All this news about immigrants taking British jobs; being a drain on our economy; becoming a drain on the state is, in my opinion, nonsense. Many sectors - including technology, hospitality, catering, agriculture and retail - require people to fill current opportunities that the UK workforce have no energy or inclination to get involved in.

It makes me angry that our media has corrupted the voting population with mistruths and lies about an economic situation where a positive immigration policy is not just essential but absolute.

Do you think a positive immigration policy will - and can - be put in place, or are we destined to continue viewing it as having a negative impact on the country? Leave your thoughts and experiences in the comment below.

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