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Achieve your goals in 5 steps (or 10 kilometres)…

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08 May 2015
I will be running my second 10k in two months on Sunday 10th May in Manchester. Over the past few years the run has turned into a notable event, attracting over 40,000 runners and thousands of supporters. Last year I stood on Chester Road as a supporter, full from brunch and a slightly delicate head thinking "I should've signed up for that”.  It looked like hard work but you could feel the accomplishment in the runners and imagine the sense of achievement, happiness and (exhaustion) as everyone crossed the finish line. The atmosphere was electric throughout the city, the pinnacle hitting Deansgate where each runner made their time, collected their medal and downed the nearest beverage. I wanted to be involved in that. I wanted to feel that sense of triumph on a Sunday morning, to burn those calories rather than consume them.

I signed up a few days after completing the first 10k in a bid to stay motivated and continue with my 'training regime'. I use the term training regime very loosely as I set my goals and I have very good intentions of keeping to them. Although the occasional social glass of wine may get in the way, I have realised that if I get up early and run first thing I can do both and I am not missing out on anything (except perhaps an extra hour of sleep but who needs sleep anyway). I have however utilised the recent onset of spring and found it is much easier to stay motivated with the light, bright mornings and the longer days. Manchester has even seen some sun over the past few weeks which has been a great stimulus to get my trainers on and rack up some miles!
In addition to the achievement gains and physical wellbeing I have found that my brain power and motivation at work has improved; I feel more alert when I start, I am more prepared for the day and I feel like because I have already succeeded something that day (and it's barely 8am) what else can be achieved? It's no coincidence that those who tend to be successful in competitive sport also tend to be successful in business. Numerous studies have shown aerobic and strength training are beneficial for focus, memory, mental accuracy and cognitive performance, thus aiding a professional mind and therefore abetting your career goals.

5 steps to success…

1.    Keep running, but save some reserves for that final push

Ever heard of that saying "life is a marathon…not a sprint”? Well it is true; everyday life and work requires a consistent level of performance to maintain success. If you overexert in the first half of the race, the second half will be twice as hard, therefore motivation and energy will already be depleted. If you maintain a steady pace that you know you can keep you will finish the day successful, hitting your targets and achieving your goals, with enough energy to make it home and enjoy your evening.

2.    Find a partner in crime

Although running is technically an individual sport, without runners by your side during an event, motivation can sometimes be tough. The same holds true in business. Collaborating with like-minded people and working towards common goals will push you to the next level. You can learn from their experiences and share your own, together accomplishing victory.
3.    Create a game plan and follow it

We all have goals, whether they are formalised, written down and set during a review, in PDP format or just vocalised with your friends and family. The moment you make that plan you need to stick to it. It is important to do this yourself, not by your manager, your colleagues or your friends, it's your own strategy and it's up to you to follow it.

4.    Bring on the pain and embrace it

You may enjoy running, you may not. Either way you are not going to love it every single day. Of course there are times that you will feel more prepared and motivated to head out and it's the same with work. Whatever the day brings, take the positive out of it and remember it for next time.

5.    Achieve

Whatever you do, do it for you. Focus on the win; whether it's signing up for a race, gaining some good feedback at work or getting up pre 6am to run, set your goal and achieve it, build your dream and don't stop until you have crossed the finish line.

If you've been thinking about starting to get more physical, what's stopping you? Why not start today, this lunchtime, this evening? Sign up for an event, raise some money for a charity, set a goal and start working towards achieving it!

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