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April Fools!

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02 Apr 2014

With yesterday being Aprils Fools, many people were on edge expecting tricks, pranks and jokes to be played on them.

It is reported that 'April Fools' searches on Google significantly increase from late December, and even huge companies get involved.

Every year Google brings out a new product or update to keep up to date with the 'latest technologies'. For example, on 1st April 2011 Google introduced Gmail Motion, which used your computer's built in webcam and Google's "patented spatial tracking technology” to detect your movements and translate them into text. This year, they have 'introduced' Gmail Blue and Google Nose. Google Nose is supposedly the newest addition to searching online - it enables you to search for smells to take your searching beyond talk, type and touch!

Of course, these jokes are harmless and a meaningless way to celebrate April Fools Day. Other corporate pranks include a PlayDoh 3D printer, an IKEA flat pack lawnmower and Virgin Atlantic glass-bottomed planes.

However, when you are in the office, how appropriate are these pranks?

Companies want their employees to get along and have a certain amount of fun within the office, but sometimes these pranks can take us away from professionalism and can impair our productivity. A national survey found that 68% of advertising and marketing executives think April Fools Day pranks are inappropriate for the workplace. Even if your corporate environment embraces jokes, if someone takes something the wrong way or things go too far, you could be searching for a new job come tomorrow!

So whether pranks are a once a year activity for your office or your enjoy doing them a bit more frequently, be careful and make sure that it is a harmless, practical joke. Take heed from the viral pranks gone wrong and do your Google search (using Gmail Motion or Nose, maybe?) for safe jokes to play in the office!

What April Fools did you fall for yesterday, or do you think there is no place for practical jokes in the office? Leave your experiences and opinion below.

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