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Are you free in your workplace?

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22 Dec 2014
What is freedom?  It has nothing to do with being physically unrestrained or unbound. Freedom is a state of mind.  To be free is to have total control over the way you think and, therefore, feel.  It is possible to be chained and tethered in every physical sense yet be as free as a bird soaring high into the clouds.  No matter what your job or status within your company, no matter what your task ahead or environment you are in, nothing can have a negative effect on your wellbeing if you are free. If you are free - you are happy, and if you are happy then your work becomes a joy, and productivity is increased.

Freedom is a choice because you are the only thinker in your mind and you are the only one who can has control over what you think.  You can choose to think positive thoughts and feel good or negative thoughts and feel bad. Each day, several times a day, you are making that choice.  Whether you are aware of it or not, you are deciding every moment of your life what you think, and that thought makes you feel good or bad.

So many people believe that they have no control over the thoughts in their head - no choice in how they feel.  To be free is to know that you have a choice - a given choice that no one or nothing can take away, and that choice leads to happiness in everything you do, it opens doors, it increases opportunity and it radiates success.

So are you choosing to be free in your workplace?  Or are you choosing to be restrained within your job by the shackles of your own thoughts? Join the conversation below.

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