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Are you giving or are you doing?

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18 Dec 2014
Following Christmas Jumper day in aid of  Save the Children last week I'm pondering how many people are just doing, rather than just giving!
In this age of social media, there's an abundance of fundraising activities that have gone viral. From peer pressure on Facebook or Twitter to throwing ice cold water over your head, to taking a photo looking worse than usual, social media has a knack for getting people to do things they wouldn't usually dream of doing. But how many of the people who get involved in these trends actually donate money to the cause, or worse even know what cause the activity is in aid of.
Think about it: Christmas Jumper day…Wear it pink…Ice bucket challenges…#Neknomination…No make-up selfies…#WakeUpCall
How many people can name the charity associated with the fundraising promotion, and who can spot the rogue trend that went as viral but wasn't in aid of charity?
A lot of people I've spoken to argue that even if donations aren't made, the fact that there are people getting involved at least increases awareness… but how can this be if people don't even associate the activity with the charity who started it? Particularly when there are many viral challenges that exist purely for the challenge itself.
I'd be interested to see how many people follow up their activity with a donation; or whether when the challenge gets to a certain level of fame it becomes more about following the crowd for fear of being called out by your peers. I have seen many examples of people being criticised for giving and not doing; but few examples of people being questioned if they donated once they'd undertaken the challenge. For a celebrity example, you only have to look at Adele and BandAid30, which created a media storm when it was revealed that she avoided being a part of the doing, yet was proactively giving!
What are your thoughts? Have you taken part in some of the above viral trends? Did you also donate? Are you someone who refused to throw cold water over yourself, but donated to the cause instead? Join the conversation below
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