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Are you Happy?

16 Oct 2014

How many times have you heard someone say "I'll be happy when....” followed by something along the lines of "when I move house”, "when it is the end of the month” "when this project is finished”, "when this year is over”. So what does happen when they've moved house, finished the project, it's the end of the month and the year is over? Are they happy? Of course there is likely to be a sense of elation that something is completed however they will generally soon revert back to things settling down and the scenario of "I'll be happy when” starting all over again.

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well being, positive or pleasant emotions. We can all be guilty at times of thinking that we can only achieve happiness as a result of "when” something else happens. Setting goals and ambitions is of course a good and positive thing however putting too much focus on "I'll be happy when…” is not always beneficial.

Living in the present shifts focus away from what we don't yet have into what we do have and enables us to think about we are doing and concentrate on what we enjoy doing. Think about makes you happy, make a list of things that you enjoy doing, what makes you smile and what helps you to retain a positive outlook. Your list will be unique to you! 

When we are enjoying our time and pursuing our passions we are opening ourselves up to new experiences which may provide new opportunities or even help us achieve our long-term goals in the process. Sometimes some of our best candidates are our passive candidates, individuals that are happy and delivering in their current role. However, it doesn't hurt to know your market value by building a long term relationship with one of our trusted consultants and you will be sure that you are not missing out on an amazing opportunity. 

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