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Are you riding the wave?

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15 May 2014

Last month Sellick Partnership met as a business we all met for our End of Financial Year Awards. I personally found the afternoon extremely inspiring and felt a real positive energy in the whole room. All four of our directors talked about positive growth and the exciting months ahead. 

Rob Gee (our non-executive director) delivered - as always - a very motivational speech that explored us as a business 'catching' and 'riding' the wave in terms of opportunities and growth. Having been at Sellick Partnership for over eight years and having experienced the 'tough times.' it is nice to feel that we are heading back into a period of growth.

As consultants, I think that we are perfectly positioned to get an early indication and genuine sense for how businesses are reacting within the current economic climate.

In the Liverpool office we are really busy on our private sector side, with a noticeable rise in both permanent and interim jobs coming in from clients. As one our external trainers so nicely worded it "There is a real bounce” in the market.

I think then, as Rob was so keen to highlight, it is about us both as a business and as individuals ensuring that we make the most of this opportunity.

For me, events such as the International Business Festival are providing Liverpool with a real platform to showcase what the city has to offer. There are clearly many rewards to Liverpool hosting such an event - for me I find it really interesting to see how the atmosphere around the event should add a real confidence in the market place and thus breed more confidence in terms of growth.

With this in mind, I am increasingly interested by discussions and theories about how mind set has an impact on output.

Again, Rob Gee coaches our business on this topic, exploring how our beliefs ultimately impact our behaviour. I know that there are more complex issues at hand in terms of our economic growth - however, I do know that my positive mind set played a key role in me as a consultant growing and succeeding in challenging times.

I then hope that, on the same line, a positive mind set will prove equally as important in the good times to come. Again, I think it will be interesting to see the difference between businesses that are remaining cautious and those who taking a chance early and hoping to grow.

The Liverpool office has done exactly the same thing, with a new recruit joining us on Monday. As a business and an office we have identified that now is the time to grow and we are very excited about the future.

If you're looking for your next role and have the positive mindset it takes to succeed, contact us on 0151 2241480 for an initial discussion about your current career situation. Alternatively, visit our website to view our current vacancies within the finance sector.

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