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Are you voting?

20 Apr 2015
The General Election on 7th May is now only a few weeks away. I remember the first time I voted; it felt really important and I wanted my vote to count! I had learnt at school about the suffragettes and the fight that women had undertaken to get the vote. Some women had gone to great lengths to make their voices heard as it was something they felt strongly and passionately about. I have always remembered the struggle that women went through to get the vote in this country and that has remained with me to this day.  

Like in any election, people will always have their own individual political viewpoint and opinion of which party they will be voting for and this can be the cause of many heated debates!

This week sees the deadline of registering to vote in the General Election. I understand people get frustrated with politicians and that some are still undecided as to which party to vote for. They may also feel that there isn't any point in voting as they don't think they will feel the benefit or are of the opinion that the area in which they live is already "sewn up” and guaranteed to be won or retained by a particular party. I know of people who have told me that they have not voted for years and it doesn't really matter anyway.  For me, if you don't take the time to go and vote then you cannot really grumble about whichever party is elected to govern if you don't take the time to make an informed decision.  

If you are someone who is undecided about which way to vote, it could be worthwhile taking some time to consider what is important for you. There may of course be some positives and negatives to look at but if you weigh it up carefully, you will surely come to a decision.

Whatever your political preference, I feel strongly that those who are eligible to vote should use their vote. That is why in every election whether it is at a local or national level I will always take the time to make an informed decision and make sure I go to the polling station. Which way do I vote?  Well that's up to me!

Will you be making your vote count in May? Let me know in the comments below…
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