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Bad working habits

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17 Apr 2014

No matter how much we like our colleagues, they can be distracting and often make concentrating and focusing on your job a challenge.
Working on a busy sales floor, I have been thinking about everything that can be distracting for individuals during the working week. Don't just blame your colleagues for these things - the truth is you probably have some bad habits yourself!

They can range really from innocently distracting to more serious ones which could affect your career...

Here are my personal workplace bug bears:

  • When you have got someone close to you that is clicking a pen on and off constantly, or tapping on the desk - if you're doing it yourself, sometimes you don't even know you're doing it and it's a subconscious thing, but it can be hugely distracting
  • Turning up to meetings unprepared; be aware of the agenda for the meeting that you're going into and do prior preparation so that you are up to speed with the points that will be covered. It's not only wasting your time if you are not prepared, but also other people's
  • Turning up for work late on a daily basis - make sure that you are leaving home to get to work on time and, if it happens consistently, consider changing your personal schedule so you can arrive on time
  • Having your mobile phone on your desk that's constantly beeping or vibrating
  • Negativity - even if you are having a tough week, people need to display positivity whenever they can in the office to lift attitudes as it can affect the whole team.

I know I certainly need to be more aware of the things that I am doing to ensure that I am not distracting others or talking negatively, and maybe there are some things that you need to be aware of too.

After all, we spend so much time in the office it's important we make it the best possible environment to be in.

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