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Can’t get no satisfaction…

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01 Dec 2014
November saw the release of Pink Floyd's first studio album since 1994. They're one of the most successful, ground breaking and respected artists of the last 50 years. Their 1973 album 'The Dark Side of The Moon' is one of the biggest selling albums ever. Their last tour in the early 90s was (at that point) the highest grossing tour in history, I think it fair to say - they're pretty successful.

The admirable thing about Pink Floyd though, is that they've never really 'chased' the dollar.  Since they were last on the road, there's been numerous lucrative offers for the band to tour (you'd be pretty certain they could smash the record again for highest grossing tour), but they haven't.

They seem to do what they like, what they enjoy - not what makes the most money (obviously they're not short of a few quid I hasten to add). But, compared to others, look at the Rolling Stones for example, who've been around just as long and have released over double the amount of albums and seem to have been constantly on tour for the last 40 years. Some would say it looks like it's all about the money with them!

Working in recruitment is quite fascinating, because you get to meet so many interesting people who sit at either end of this spectrum and plenty who fall in between. Now it's not quite so black and white, but which camp do you think you fall in to? Do you focus on what makes you happy, what you enjoy, or is earning potential your key driver?

Personally speaking, I would always opt for what I enjoy over what would pay me more. I think the key quality to success is drive, I think drive comes from enthusiasm and I think to be enthusiastic you have to love what you do. Don't get me wrong I'm sure some people are motivated in their roles via financial reward, but I've always thought if you enjoy the work and do a good job, the money will look after itself!

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